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spielbox 2016/7 - English edition

spielbox 2016/7 - English edition
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spielbox 2016/7 - English edition


No Swaying and Rattling, but Murder: First Class
There's a Bug in These Crates: Sail Away
For a Fistful of Marble: Hellas
Journey to the South: Legends of Andor - Die letzte Hoffnung (last hope)
Legacy From Ape to Zebra: Fabled Fruit
Travel Management: Great Western Trail
Only for Strong Nerves: Jolly & Roger
Highway to Hell: Hit Z Road
Logistics Task: The Oracle of Delphi
Interactive to the Point of Being Painful: Mission - Red Planet
Speed Versus Assessing the Situation: 4 Gods
The Twist Is the Twist: Take that
Inspired by Max Kobbert's Labyrinth: Ulm
Fans Designing for Fans: Star Wars - Armada
A Complex Lightweight: Colony
More a Simulation Than You Might Appreciate: Won by the Sword

Laser-Magnum - a new card for Adrenalin by Czech Games Edition

Strasbourg's Gun and Money From Ulm Rule the World: About the making of Ulm

Second Life: Pint & Play

7 Wonders Duel: Pantheon

Sportsmanship: Escape from Colditz

Enchanting Variety: Argent - The Consortium

Organic Development: What's Your Game?
Empire Builder: Sophie Gravel

Ach, wie gut ...
Tales & Games: Little Red Riding Hood
Erbsenprinzessin - Kissenstapelei

Best Treehouse Ever
Donkey Derby
Camel Up Cards

Appropos: Ubongo
INDEX 2016


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spielbox subscription world (shipping incl.)

spielbox subscription world (shipping incl.)

Here you can order an overseas subscription to the English edition of spielbox only.

The subscription automatically extends to another year unless cancelled until 6 weeks before the subscription ends.

The price includes shipping via airmail.


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spielbox 2011/5 - English edition

spielbox 2011/5 - English edition

The issue includes the 3rd game of the Martin-Wallace-series "Fall of the Roman Empire". Furthermore you will find 4 new player boards to "Die Burgen von Burgund" (castles of Burgundy).



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spielbox 2017/1 - English edition

spielbox 2017/1 - English edition

20 new items for CODENAME
S (Czech Games Edition)

Reviews: Key to the City - London, Lorenzo il Magnificio, Kilt Caslte, Railroad Revolution and much more = 23 reviews (including "at a Glance")

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spielbox 2016/6 - English edition

spielbox 2016/6 - English edition

As an add-on it includes the special card "Bloody Mary" to BANG! (dvgiochi)

Reviews: Mea Culpa, Sola Fide, The Big Book of Madness, Mystic Vale and more. The 2nd part of new releases of SPIEL '16 and a report about Kickstarter and so on.

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spielbox 2016/1 - English edition

spielbox 2016/1 - English edition

The Gambler: Promo card for Port Royal (Pegasus Spiele)

Reviews: Council of Four, Mombasa, Nippon, Karuba, My Village, New York 1901 and much more. Please click at details for the complete content.


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spielbox 2005/5

spielbox 2005/5

Die Fischer von Catan
Erweiterung zu Die Siedler von Catan (Kosmos)
Rezensionen u.a.: Zug um Zug Europa, Go West

5,30 EUR (inkl. 7 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)

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