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spielbox 2010/1 - English edition

spielbox 2010/1 - English edition
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spielbox 2010/1 - English edition

This is the first edition of the English version of spielbox magazine


The Line is the Line: Impressions from the International Toy Fair Nuernberg
Pearl Anniversary in Dietzenbach: 30 years of Amigo

If you set Sail, don't forget the Captain: Vasco da Gama
Smorgasbord, Smorgasbord, bork bork bork! A la carte
Taking Cardboard, giving Wood: Magister Navis
Wanted: most valuable headless tail-o-pede: Darwinci
Revival in a Twinpack: Alcazar
Looting until the Fifth Sheriff arrives: El Paso
Cartagena 2 for 2.12 Meters: Atlantis
Smoking Colts: Carson City
Light and Shadow: Day & Night
A Railway Network for Chees Cubes: Last Train nicht Wensleydale
Jumping Required? Gier
A Spanish Heroic Epic: 2 de Mayo

- taking the right ones! Pure joy of thinking
An Ancestor with a new look once more. The roots of: Monopoly City

Schalom, Halli Galli: A Visit to Haim Shafir and Ariel Laden
Around the world in play with Tom Felber: About the Impossibility of Playing on the Bus

Space Drift: A Game by Christof Tisch

A Sheet with two Dominon discard tableaus. Another sheet to allow for games with the full number of players are included in issue no. 2/2010.

To be continued
Im Jahr des Drachen. Die chinesische Mauer, Die Super-Ereignisse
Pandemie: Auf Messers Schneide

A Look Back
From Italy's "Early Days". International Team

Für Kids
Busy Bee
Muh & Mäh
Ab AUF DIE Wippe!
Schatz der Mumie

At a Glance
alea iacta est

Tweaks and Variations


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spielbox 2020/1 - English edition

spielbox 2020/1 - English edition


- Racketeer: new Apprentice card for "Architects of the West Kingdom" (Garphill Games)
- 4 bonus cards for "Between Two Castles" (Stonemaier Games)

Please find the contents at "Details"!


8,00 EUR (5 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2019/7 - English edition

spielbox 2019/7 - English edition

Reviews: Azul - Summer Pavilion, Barrage,Chicago 1875 - City of the Big Shoulders, Ishtar, Letter Jam and much more.

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spielbox 2019/6 - English edition

spielbox 2019/6 - English edition

Add-on:  promocards for "Race for the Galaxy" (Rio Grande Games)

After the fair in Essen, the editorial staff put in a lot of effort. Of the 15 reviews in the issue, 7 are already new releases such as "Deep Blue", "Die Crew", "Die Inseln im Nebel" or "Foothill". Board game adaptations of computer games have been around for quite some time. A new phenomenon, however, are board games that are implemented for the computer. You can read about the difficulties involved in this in a background story and in the reviews of "Cities Skylines - Das Brettspiel" and "Minecraft - Builders & Biomes".

7,85 EUR (5 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2016/6 - deutsche Ausgabe

spielbox 2016/6 - deutsche Ausgabe

Leider ausverkauft. Die englische Ausgabe ist noch lieferbar

This is the German edition. Please order the English edition under "spielbox 201606 - English edition". The English edition includes the Special card "Bloody Mary" for BANG! and NOT the Dominion cards.

Beilage: Sauna / Eisloch für Dominion (je fünf Karten)

2. Teil der Neuheiten der SPIEL '16 mit Hintergrundgeschichten und Interviews. Kritiken: Mea Culpa, Luther - Das Spiel, Böhmische Dörfer, Mystic Vale, Die Zünfte von London und mehr.

6,87 EUR (5 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2012/6 - German edition

spielbox 2012/6 - German edition

This is the German edition! 

The English edition will be released middle of December and you can pre-order from now on. Including you find a mini-expansion to Tzolk'in - the Maya Calendar (Czech Games/Heidelberger) It consists of one monument tile and one starting wealth tile.











6,08 EUR (5 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)
spielbox 2014/3 - German edition

spielbox 2014/3 - German edition

This is the German edition of spielbox # 3/2014. Die English edition will be published about end of June.

This issue will include a mini expansion to Istanbul - Kennerspiel des Jahres 2015 (Pegasus Spiele)

6,87 EUR (5 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs)

This Product was added to our catalogue on Thursday 18 February, 2010.

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